Britney’s “Work Bitch” Dance Tutorial Features No Britney, No Actual Dancing

Hope you all had a happy Hallowe’en, bitches.

As you all know by now, the “Work Bitch” music video features some of the most exciting, high-energy dancing the Legendary Miss Britney Jean has done for us in nearly a decade. Obviously, a dance tutorial is in order, right? So many moves to learn!

Well, small snag: Brit Brit had way too much fun reciting the “Thriller” monologue and dressing up as Snow White last night with her Vegas dancers — so much so, she accidentally dozed off in the middle of rehearsal. But don’t worry, her choreographers — The Squared Division — are here to help guide you through.


Start warming up now, kids. Between the floor action, leg sweeps and Spearitual hair flips, this one’s surely gonna make you sweat!

Wait. Hold up. I’m sorry. What the actual — no. What the fuck? Is this actually real?!

That’s right: We’re being taught “the most iconic bit of choreography in the ‘Work Bitch’ clip” — The Hand Flicks.

Work. Work. Work. Work. Raise that arm. Push it down. Chin goes up. Chin goes down. Now raise it up. Now push it down. Feel free to take a breather if you need to — I know this shit ain’t easy!

Now, it’s time to work it out. Work it out. Work it out. Work it out. Get ready to seriously feel the burn. Remember to arch your back! Space under your armpits! Really flick that arm! With feeling! 14 times! 14 TIMES. Should we watch them do it all 14 times? Yes, let’s go through each time. Does it change up on the 8th time? Nope. How about the 9th? Nope. Wait, I’ve gone past 10 — is that wrong? No, there are 14! I told you this would be hard! Still flicking? Keep going! You’re nailing it! Yes!

Let’s see it from some different angles! How does this look from the back? Equally iconic? Oh, okay! Great! Keep flicking! Work it out! Work it out! Work it out! Phew! I’m exhausted. No more! No more, please!

And there you have it: Nearly 6 minutes of wrist flicks from “Work Bitch,” a song about the necessity of putting in effort to achieve something.

Oh, you wanted more (MOAR)? Between this and that insightful Twitter Q&A this week, the relentless Britney Jean promo isn’t enough for you?


“Work Bitch” will be released on November 3 in the UK. (iTunes)

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