Kat Graham: Put Your Graffiti On Me (Video Premiere)

The legendary Miss Kat Graham, lead of Honey 2 and current star of The Vampire Diaries, has been making tiny waves on the net over the past two years with her on-again, off-again music career, including anthems like “Sassy” and “I Want It All.”

Having just signed to A&M Octone Records, the gorgeous songstress has just unveiled the first official major label track: “Put Your Graffiti On Me,” produced by rising Melbourne duo Twice As Nice.

Graham’s new beat is a certifiable Blazin’ Banga, featuring a rowdy marching band drum line and hazy urban-pop synthesizers. “Put your graffiti on me,” Graham urges before the song’s most stunning demand: “Tag me!”, launching immediately into a clang-a-lang cowbell breakdown (it’s the new LMFAO “Shake that!”-into-beat breakdown shuffle!) Tag you with what though, Kat? Spray paint? Never mind–I won’t even ask.

There are, roughly, eleventy billion things to love about Graham’s accompanying video for the track as well, including (but not limited to): High ponytails, ponytail grabbing, ponytail whipping, fierce choreography, animal prints, lip tattoos, cowbell werking, Ciara “Work” realness, Pussycat Dolls realness, exquisite nail design, high-waisted shorts, finger licking, booty grabbing, and a really hot dude.

If you’ve done the math correctly (carry the 1…add the ponytail…), you’ll realize: “Put Your Graffiti On Me” is 100% amazing.

Grab your spray cans, boys and girls…we’re going tagging!

“Put Your Graffiti On Me” was released on March 26. (iTunes)

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