By now, we’ve (begrudgingly) accepted that Kylie Minogue, our Mighty Aphrodite, Fever Inducer and Disco Savior, went down to Nashville to do some songwriting and got…inspired by the culture, picking up a gee-tar and a little bit of a twang in the process of making her forthcoming studio album, Golden.

So, it’s no surprise then that the accompanying Sophie Muller-directed music video for the record’s lead single, “Dancing,” is taking us on a Reverse Cowgirl Warholian Expedition, too – with plenty of glitter, for good measure. (You can take the girl out of G-A-Y, but…)

The nostalgic Dolly Parton-meets-Dia De Los Muertos-inspired video, which was shot at London’s Bush Hall, combines the the surface level celebratory joy and the deeper, more morbid undertones of the song and brings it all to life.

Or, more accurately, death.

“Life’s all just moments which all join up – some of them are great, and some of them are less than sparkling – but ultimately I wanted this video to reflect the celebratory nature of the song,” says Kylie.

Nashville drag (and/or Trixie Mattel tribute act) aspect aside, Miss Minogue looks like the dazzling diva we’ve always known and love as she serves up – gulp – line-dancing choreography. (Madonna‘s “Don’t Tell Me” comes to mind, of course…and a bit of “Girl Gone Wild,” too.)

“I always thought I could learn routines quickly but this was different. However, by the time I had to dance with the Grim Reaper at the end I had mastered it. And if that’s not a funny allegory for life I don’t know what is!”

It’s a sweet, shimmering statement of a woman who’s determined to dance her way up until the very end.

Now here’s hoping Mr. Reaper – who happens to be a pretty fierce dancer himself – takes us for one last visit to a proper discotheque before dragging us all to Hell.

“Dancing” was released on January 19. (iTunes)

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