She’s smacked a bitch. She’s shot an arrow through a heart or two. And now, she wants to…OOH-AHH-NA-NA-NA!

Californian pop songstress Kimberly Cole is back with a brand new beat–literally: “U Make Me Wanna” is her first single since signing with Big Beat/Atlantic Records, which was officially released today on iTunes.

Once again teaming up with Jeeve (“Smack You”), House producer Eddie Amador and Garza, Miss Cole’s latest club-pop smash features the most ridiculously, unbelievably infectious hook of a chorus I’ve heard in a hot minute. Just make sure you can get those words right: “OOH, AHH, NA NA NA, LA LA LA, AAAAAYO!” (I believe that’s a reference to the works of Friedrich Nietzsche.)

Cue the stomping synthesizers, four-to-the-floor beats and some rather saucy lyrics (“I’ll come easy when you make it hard”–OH MY!) and you’ve got yourself a proper storming club-pop tune. Get into it!

Pick me up and throw me down!

“U Make Me Wanna” was released on March 13. (iTunes)