Madonna: Girl Gone Wild (Video Premiere)

Watch the video premiere of Madonna‘s new single off of MDNA, “Girl Gone Wild,” which just premiered tonight!

It’s so (homo)erotic…

The song’s called “Girl Gone Wild,” so naturally, The Queen enlisted a half-dozen deliciously lickable…male models to writhe all over each other for the duration of the Mert & Marcus-directed clip. Guess who’s not mad about that creative decision? THIS GUY! I WANT TO LICK THIS ENTIRE VIDEO.

But no, for serious though: Even if the men provide plenty of candy (and apples!), it’s truly all about Madonna. She looks absolutely incredible: Sexy, stretchy, strong. No leotards, no stick-figure arms. Even if she’s going on about being wild, there’s no doubt that Madonna is completely and utterly in control. She appears in this video like she does in the annals of pop culture: Like an icon.

From “Like A Prayer” to “Vogue” to “Erotica” to “Human Nature, the video references much of Madonna’s back catalog. The religious imagery, the bondage, the overt sexuality. Sin! Sex! Smut! It’s all there.

And while the preview released a few weeks ago might have already clued us into the heavily S&M-inspired visuals for the clip, who knew there’d be so much…DANCING? Yes, dancing! Madonna, age 53, holding her own alongside my favorite svelte Ukranian dance troupe, Kazaky. (That IS Kazaky, right? There’s still some debate…) And yes, EVERYONE’S IN HEELS. That’s fucking commitment!

By the way, that steaming pipe (or whatever she’s throwing around) at the end represents your faves.

She’s just so inspiring. Over 30 years and counting, and she’s making music videos that are still more iconic than most every pop chick in the game. I’m getting emotional…


MDNA will be released on March 26. (iTunes)

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