Her name is Dita. She’ll be your mistress tonight.

20 years ago, Madonna transformed into the deliciously devious Dita–a character based on 1930’s actress Dita Parlo–when she recorded “Erotica” and stripped down for her much publicized (and much criticized) book Sex.

And while we got a tiny glimpse of the smoking seductress in the “Girl Gone Wild” video, the commercial for her brand new fragrance Truth Or Dare sees Dita back in full force: Tying on a mask, writhing around and licking her lips seductively, all captured using the same signature grainy footage style as in the legendary S&M-friendly clip for “Erotica.”

Oh, and the sick “Girl Gone Wild” remix being played in the background is by Ofir Nissim.

I’m in a trance! Watch below…

“I don’t think you know what pain is. I don’t think you’ve gone that way…”