Iamamiwhoami: Case (Maybe) Closed…is it Goldfrapp?

A-HA! It looks like this case is all but closed.

Thanks to the super sleuths at ONTD, it’s just about 100% confirmed that the viral videos are coming from none other than Goldfrapp.


The account’s user photo is titled “dreaming.jpg.” The background is titled “i_wanna_life.jpg.”

From Goldfrapp.free.fr, here is the tracklisting of the new album, Head First:

1. Rocket
2. Alive
3. Believer
4. Dreaming
5. Shiny and warm
6. I wanna life
7. Head First
8. Voicething

Eh? Eh? Methinks we’ve reached the answer! I agree that the woman in the video looks a lot like Christina. Don’t forget, it’s still possible–Goldfrapp did work with her after all!

EDIT: Loads of people think the Twitter’s just a fake trying to jump on for the ride. (More specifically, a PopJustice forum poster who created the account today, though this has still been unconfirmed.)

EDIT 2: It’s definitely fake. And the saga continues…

Can you tell I live for viral campaigns?

Iamamiwhoami: The Viral Campaign Continues

Iamamiwhoami: The Viral Campaign Continues

My mysterious friend now has a Twitter account, and the above image is their

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