HOMAHGOD: Britney just tweeted (or, uh, Pathed) a photo from the set of her upcoming Twister Dance commercial, which was shot this week by “Till The World Ends” Ray Kay.

I’ve run this photo through some pretty advanced flaw-finding technology several times now, and I’m having difficulty finding any flaws. There are just no flaws found. In fact, I believe it’s fair to conclude that this commercial is 100% free of all flaws.

But really–look at that bodeh! Someone’s been seriously working out. And those arms! So ripped. So svelte. So sexy. She’s clearly putting in overtime at the gym knowing that she’ll be doing a lot of sitting on X Factor. Just. GAWGEOUS.

Lookin’ so fire hot–a 20 out of 10, B!

Check out another photo from the shoot below the cut, courtesy of Twister’s Facebook page.