Put your hands up and your Mist Burgers down (RIP): Queen Nuhdeen is dancing again — and no, we’re not talking about Lord of the Dance.

We’re less than two weeks away now from The Grand Return of Nadine (Miss Coyle, if you’re nasty), and every day, the Girls Aloud icon attempts to quench our unsayshabull thirst with teasers, from the lyric sheets to the glorious single cover. (Who knows? There might even be a 30-second snippet buzzing around on the Internet somewhere…)

The good news is that she’s sitting in a car on the “Go To Work” artwork.

As you might already know, Nadine’s had some major moments in a car, like when she pulled a Lisa Scott-Lee and got the news over the phone that “Whole Lotta History” didn’t debut at Top 5 as desired, but rather No. 6. (“Butt sex is good. Sex is good…“)

Or when she decided to get in the car with a man with a bag over his head. (Screaming ensues.)


We’ve been waiting all this time for Nuhdz (REFERENCE), but she’s going to give us something to take back home (DOUBLE REFERENCE): in a brief clip posted today (Aug. 28), the “Red Light” chanteuse gives us a peek into a dance rehearsal, presumably suggesting she’s taking this single out on the road.

A G-A-Y stint? TV appearances? A turr? Hopefully all of the above.

Prepare for the unemployment rate to plummet when “Go To Work” drops on September 8.