Daily B: Songwriter Michelle Bell Leaks “Money Love & Happiness,” Talks Lost ‘Original Doll’ Album

Another day, another drama…and another piece of the Original Doll myth unveiled!

Last month, songwriter Michelle Bell posted short snippets of “Money, Love & Happiness” and “Peep Show”–two of the tracks Bell co-wrote with B during the much-buzzed about Original Doll era (after 2003’s In The Zone). “Great memories working on these records, they were recorded over the span of a year. I believe this was around the same time we wrote I’ve just begun and Look who’s talking,” she explained in a post.

On (the still unreleased in full) “Peep Show”:

Peep Show was one of my favorite sessions ever. The producer was a guy named Larry “Precision” Gates, we worked at his house and when she and I walked out into the yard to talk I thought his teenage neighbor was gonna go into shock. I still laugh about how she handled that.

I love the songs we wrote and the time we spent making them. It was an awesome experience overall. She was warm, open, and down to earth and as a result she and I created a very diverse group of songs.

As we know, “I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun)” wound up on the tracklisting of 2004’s Greatest Hits: My Prerogative, while “Look Who’s Talking Now” became an album track on BoA‘s 2009 English debut (and leaked in demo form a few months ago with Brit’s original vocals.)

Britney fans then barraged her with questions, which she happily answered: No, Bell didn’t write “Rebellion” (she thinks her friend Angela Hunte did). Yes, Britney has songwriting cred (“she’s talented. she played piano and sang for me. i thought she was great”). Yes, she loved co-writing with Britney and Bloodshy & Avant. Her favorite track from the sessions? The unreleased “Take Off, which she describes as “organic electronic dance.”

All went quiet for a while, until a post today on Tumblr…

Good news… out of all the artists I’ve worked with Britney has the best fans ever!!!!! With all the outpouring of love no wonder she continues to be such a great success and inspiration!!

I’m personally overwhelmed by the response to these snippets because I was devastated when that album didn’t come out. (Btw, those original doll album covers you tweeted me are ALL brilliant!)

Bad news… we gotta enjoy this as much as we can because I can’t post anymore songs. I’ve been asked to stop. I can’t make this album come out and I can’t release the songs. I don’t have the power to do that. I wish I could.

However all of you can make a difference. If I had to chose I wish she’d release “Take Off” it’s my absolute favorite. The lyrics are meaningful and of course the beat is unbelievably good!! It’s produced by Bloodshy & Avant.

Honestly I don’t know what happened with the album. I’m just a writer, producer and a fan.

The one thing I do know about great songs is that they will always find a way to the public but I have to respect the way things are done in the music business and let the songs go through the proper channels. Meaning the artist or the record label has to put it out!!!!

I’ve been true to myself by sharing what I could. As you can hear, Peep Show and Money Love & Happiness are unfinished ideas. I was honored to do this work and I respect everyone who I worked with on each song. These songs mean just as much to us (the writers and producers) as they do to you.

Thanks for the awesome feedback! But before I go… one more post..

And then, she leaked “Money, Love & Happiness” in full (which you can now stream above.)

According to the official BMI song registration, the song was produced by none other than RedOne. (!!!)

As Bell explained, the song only exists in demo form, which is why the vocals are so rough. Still, it sheds light on another moment of Britney in full-on “Rebellion” stage–discussing life, love and her very obvious disenchantment with fame. “You know what they say about money? It can’t buy happiness,” she adlibs at one point.

“Is this real or just a dream? Hold myself in high esteem/Thinking ’bout the little things/Come full circle like a band of wedding rings,” she speak-sings. In places, the song’s almost reminiscent of Janet Jackson‘s bitter 2001 single, “Son Of A Gun.” And then, there’s a very Britney fantasy of a bridge: “All I gotta say, I wanna be in love/I wanna run away to a place/A fairy land of dreams, that is where I’ll find/Everything I need to have a piece of mind…ow!” Brit croons during the bridge before unleashing a quick yelp.

There’s also a whole helping of sass. Actually, this may be Britney’s bossiest moments to date: “Don’t take this out of context, but when it comes to being the best, there ain’t no contest,” she brags off the top of the track.

Basically, this one’s a major treat for hardcore fans. It’s interesting that Bell was asked to stop leaking the songs though, especially given that they’re almost a decade old at this point. Is it simply because of label legalities, or is Team Britney preparing them for an upcoming release of some kind? A boy can dream.

Regardless–sending out a big thank you to Michelle!

And now, the real question: How the hell do we get our hands on “Take Off”?

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