Scissor Sisters: Only The Horses (Single Review)

Three months ago, the boys (and über-fierce girl!) of Scissor Sisters unveiled “Shady Love”, their swaggerific electro-disco smut strut featuring Azealia Banks. Now, the troupe returns with their first official single off of their upcoming fourth studio album Magic Hour: “Only The Horses.”

Produced by Calvin Harris and Boys Noize, “Only the Horses” is essentially the Scissor Sisters’ own version of “We Found Love”: From the verses, to the soaring chorus, to the Ibiza-ready beat breakdown.

“Only the horses can bring us back home tonight,” Shears yelps during the chorus before the euphoric House synthesizers come blaring into the speakers.

On the one hand, it’s amazing: “Horses” might be the Sisters’ most mainstream-friendly effort yet, which could make for major chart success abroad (and perhaps even stateside). On the other, it demonstrates the slightly troubling fact that Calvin’s stuck on a template–and he’s not budging anytime soon. His new-ish song with Ne-Yo, “Let’s Go,” is almost exactly identical to this, which is already identical to Rihanna‘s 2011 smash.

Still, even if “Horses” may not be quite as innovative as “Shady Love, it’s still a smashing surge of energy. Just don’t yell too much when you’re sing-shouting that chorus–you might get a little hoarse. (See what I did there? AHAHA!!1!!!1)

“Only the Horses” will be released on May 13. (iTunes)

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