Two years ago, Wynter Gordon told Rap-Up that a track called “Surrender” was going to be the follow-up single to “Dirty Talk” from her upcoming debut album.

The song ultimately went unreleased–until now, that is.

“Surrender” is a solid dance floor stormer produced by Jerry Wonder, complete with surging synthesizers and a touch of bossa nova to boot: “Surrender, surrender my heart/Yes, I will surrender/I’ll give you my all,” Gordon gorgeously croons–a clear precursor to her utterly phenomonal 2011 club-pop effort, With The Music I Die. (Check out the album review!)

Again, this track was recorded back in 2010 and is old. Wynter’s onto bigger and more exciting ventures with new music on teh way (she’s currently on the road with Devtour dates here). Nonetheless, this is a major gem for fellow hardcore Wynter maniacs.

Click below to listen to “Surrender”! Enjoy!