Happy Halloween, Muusers!

Did all my fellow New Englanders survive Snowmageddon? Kind of a holiday buzz-kill, right? Whatever. Even though it kind of feels like the holiday’s already passed, the Witching Hour is finally upon us! I hope wherever you are, your festivities will be filled with scary vampires and zany zombies, two-years-too-late Jersey Shore costumes and countless slutty mice.

To ring in the holiday, MuuMuse is happy to Excluusively offer (the rather ghoulishly titled) “Turn My Flesh Inside Out,” produced by Jeff “Jadion” Wells.

Set against a deliciously dark, throbbin’ beat, the mix weaves back and forth between my ol’ buddy ol’ pal Simon Curtis‘ filthy R∆ track “Flesh” and one of Brit Brit‘s best album cuts (for now, at least…Femme Fatale Single #5, please!) “Inside Out,” better known as the world’s greatest ode to hookin’ up while you’re breakin’ up.

The result? A whole lot of sexy. Seriously–this is one sweaty, storming smash of a mix! It’s hot, hot, HOT!


PS: If you liked that, check out Jadion’s SoundCloud page to hear the equally yummy Ke$ha/Godney mash-up, “Blow Until The World Ends.” (God, I wish that was the original title of Brit’s single. Mmm papi!)

R∆ was released on June 7. (iTunes)
Femme Fatale was released on March 29. (iTunes)