Grab your spray cans, ladyboys and girls: It’s time to get tagging!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing nothing else but strutting down the city streets (my bedroom at night), rocking the latest fashions (my Pillsbury Dough Boy pajamas) and whipping my ponytail (my panda hat) to Vampire Diaries diva Kat Graham‘s sassy new single, “Put Your Graffiti On Me.”

(In case you haven’t seen the whiplash-inducing, ponytail-flipping, animal print party that is the video, you’ll want to go ahead and view that immediately.)

Now, it’s time for some more fun to celebrate with some tagged copies of Miss Graham’s latest smash.

That’s right…SHE PUT HER NAME ON IT!

MuuMuse is giving away six signed copies of Kat Graham’s “Put Your Graffiti On Me.”

To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post with the phrase–you guessed it:


Six winners will be randomly selected and notified on Thursday, May 3.

Along with the contest, MuuMuse is Excluusively premiering the official video for the FIYAH hot Huffine Mucci‘s “Tagged” remix, which you can now check out below. Drink up this bottle of yeah!

“Put Your Graffiti On Me” was released on March 26. (iTunes)