Getting Intimate with Demi Lovato

And now, here’s something I’ve been watching/listening to this afternoon!

Last month, Demetria Devonne Lovato, X Factor Princess, performed an acoustic set at a very intimate showcase held for a small group of contest winners, called Heart to Heart. She sang and took photos, and adorable heart cupcakes were served.

Through The Magic of Moving Picture, that entire performance has been captured and generously put onto VEVO in full this weekend, resulting in a full mini-concert for fans to enjoy, including performances of “Skyscraper,” “Give Your Heart A Break,” “Fix A Heart,” “Don’t Forget” and “My Love’s Like A Star.”

For those criticizing Demi for being the other X Factor judge (Godney would never approve of your shade) and/or questioning her talent in general, you’ll want to take a listen–the girl can sang.

I got the chance to catch Miss Lovato while she was out on tour promoting Unbroken late last year, and I was thoroughly impressed by her live vocals–at least from what I could hear above the deafening shrieks of shaking and crying tweens in glittery tees (and/or myself screaming “SING ‘UNBROKEN!'”)

So watch below…AND TAKE THAT, HATERS! Or something.

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