Ester Dean Wants to Make Baby With You

Ester Dean is such a horny mama sometimes, seriously.

I mean, she’s the one who put that ooh na na in RiRi‘s rudest cuts, including “Rude Boy,” “S&M,” “What’s My Name” and “Talk That Talk”–not to mention Legendtina‘s iconic Bionic exercise in self-lovin’ and over-sharing, “Vanity.” (“I make myself so much wetta!” NEVER FORGET.)

That’s why I lurve her–well, that and her unbelievable ear for a pop hook–and it’s why her upcoming debut record, tentatively titled the rather unfortunate UnderESTAmated (let’s work on that one a bit more, Ester), is going to be so damn delicious and filthy.

After spending weeks agonizing over a song that she desperately wanted her fans to hear, she finally went ahead and leaked the damn thing herself: “Baby Making Love.”

Bouncing along a slow ‘n’ funky Prince-esque beat, the song sees our faithful songstress stripping down and turning out: “Baby boy, talk to me/Tell me all your fantasies/’Cause tonight I guarantee you’ll be feeling my all here with me,” Dean croons with her signature rasp. (She sounds like a cross between Chris Brown and Justin Bieber most of the time, right?)

My favorite part of the song, obviously, is the fact that she says the phrase “let’s make baby” in the chorus, but I also deeply love the throwback ’70’s groove itself. It’s nice and feel-good, which is why I loved Beyonce‘s 4 last year–it’s very “Party.” Take a listen below, and see if you find yourself getting in the baby makin’ mood with Ester.

That is, assuming you already know how is babby formed.

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