Queen Tinashe–the rising R&B-pop songstress whom I’ve been bu-buzzin’ about ever since the releaze of her buzz track “Chainsaw” last April, through to “Artificial People,” her collaboration with OFM and onto her redonkulously amazing In Case We Die mixtape released back in February (for free!), has just unveiled a brand new video.

“This Feeling,” one of the most smoldering grooves from Tinashe’s mixtape, sees my girl turning out some slick, stylish choreography in front of a wall of burning bulbs in the background. Like…she’s working it OUT. Those curves are telling no lies, and those dance moves are–as we in the industry like to say–“hot fiyah.” I NEED A FAN.

Lest we forget, the girl’s not even releasing under a label (yet). I mean…!

Seriously, though: the voice, the body, the moves, the look–HELLO. This girl is a STAR! Hop aboard the Tinashe train now.

“This Feeling” was released for free on May 1. (Download now!)