Just in time for the Fourth comes “One,” Sky Ferreira‘s debut single following the release of her initial buzz track, “17.” That enough numbers for you yet? Good.

The video is a complete and utter visual treat, directed by acclaimed photographer Rankin (who’s been quite busy lately given his recent work on Kelis’ album artwork and videos as well.)

Essentially, it’s all a very high fashion, viva glamour affair. Ferreira works marvelously as a brooding, gorgeous electro temptress-to-be in what looks more like a Burberry advertisement than the debut video of a 17-year-old songstress. On a similar note, is anyone else seeing a young Brooke Shields here?

Most pleasingly of all, the video is chock full of repeat-heavy video editing to match Ferreira’s stuttering robo-vocals. My hopes for the video have therefore been fully realized–and exceeded!

“One” will be released on August 22.