Cady Groves, the 21-year-old Oklahoma-bred bombshell behind one of my favorite tracks of last year, “This Little Girl,” is back with a brand new single for the summer. As it turns out, this little girl is still quite capable of murder–and by that, I mean one utterly killer tune. AH HA HA! AH HA. HA…oh. I–ugh, sorry.

No, but really: “Love Actually” is a MASSIVE summer smash-to-be: With its soaring yelps (“EVERY SINGLE DAY IS LIKE WHOOOAAAA!”), obscenely catchy chorus (“LA-uh-AH-uh-AHV ACCCTUALLLY!”) and major ’90’s-ish power pop chords, the angsty post-break-up anthem is tailor-made for belting out in the car with the windows down while cruising down the coast. Or crying in the shower. Or listening to quietly in an office-like setting.

What’s it sound like? Well, think Kelly Clarkson a la “My Life Would Suck Without You,” or an infinitely more likable Katy Perry with a lil’ bit of a Miley twang. Basically, just think of some really solid, pulverizing power pop-rock. Or, you know, you can just go ahead and listen to the song below.

Prepare to never, ever stop hitting “replay” in your life ever again. I LA-UH-AH-UH-AH-UV it!

This Little Girl EP was released on February 3. (iTunes)