Money is the anthem of success. So before we go out…WANT TO WATCH LANA DEL REY SLAY?

Below is the official trailer for “National Anthem,” Lana Del Rey’s new single (and my favorite song!) off of Born To Die. As previously revealed, the 10-minute Anthony Mandler-directed clip, which Lana describes as “definitely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done,” sees the songstress and A$AP Rocky playing the parts of Jackie O and JFK, respectively.

The newly released trailer is mostly a 4-minute tedious tease, spent largely on Lana and Rocky exchanging cutesy glances between one another on loop endlessly while teensy peeks of the actual video cut in between for about a millisecond or two. (IT’S ART, IT’S FINE.)

Judging by those brief glimpses, along with yesterday’s incredible teaser shot (hint: check out her reflection in the car!), we’re almost certainly in for Lana’s most major music video yet.

Still no official word on when the video will hit, but…red, white, blues in the sky? Something tells me we’ll have heaven in our eyes in a week.

“National Anthem” will be released on July 8. (iTunes)