Remember when Britney‘s baby sister Jamie Lynn started performing surprise showcases around Nashville a few months ago? Well, she did another (non-surprise) show tonight, and this time, she dedicated a song to Britney.

She didn’t specifically say it was for Britney before debuting “I Look Up To You,” but between her brief intro (“You can imagine who I wrote it about”) and the telling lyrics (“It all happened way too soon/They took away your innocence”), it’s clearly written with her big sister in mind. And it’s gorgeous!

I really can’t get over how grown-up she looks! Apart from the undeniable Holy Spearit resemblance (and the accent, y’all!), it’s nice to see Jamie Lynn coming into her own as an artist. She’s got talent! (Who’s surprised?)

And lest we forget, B wrote her own song for Jamie Lynn back in 2006 called “Just Yesterday (Little Me).”

Really, this is all so very sweet! So much love! I’m moved! I–OH GOD. SORRY. I’m just getting a little…

Thanks for the find, BreatheHeavy!