BoA: Doing It For Love And Money

It’s here: The cover for BoA‘s North American debut album, BoA, due March 17.

Generally, I approve. She’s always had an urge to prove her natural ~flava~, which explains the semi-awkward cornrows and bling bling. Still, I’m seeing a graceful maturation from a bubble-gum pop star to a more confident, assertive performer. And yes…I think I quite like it.

In the meantime, BoA‘s second single, “I Did It For Love” is now streaming to preview (2:39 of it, anyway) on all of her various online media outlets.

To me, “I Did It For Love” is a superior, more dance-worthy number than her first single. In fact, this one truly ought to burn up the dance charts–if not, and I realize this is a stretch, the Pop Charts! Featuring dark, synth-heavy droplets and modern, club-friendly production, “I Did It For Love” is simply more listenable and more agreeable than “Eat You Up.” I’ve had the preview on repeat all night, and cannot wait to hear the track in full!

EDIT: Well, wait no longer. Though it’s only a fan-made splice between the short and longer previews, it sounds as though this is indeed the entire track. It’s seamless as well…Enjoy!

DL: BoA – I Did It For Love (Sharebee)

The video for the single will be directed by Joseph Khan. But seriously, who’s video isn’t directed by Joseph Khan these days?

Click here to pre-order the album BoA, or above to see more from BoA.

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