Happy #KyliePride, everyone!

It’s (almost the end of) June, which means two things: 1.) It’s Pride month and 2.) It’s time for another round of Kylie’s ongoing #K25 celebration! In other words, it’s a busy month for the glitter industry.

If you still haven’t recovered from the endless day drinking and the chafing caused by spending an entire weekend in booty shorts don’t worry–Kylie’s got something to ease your troubled tuchusses: For this month’s surprise, Camp Kylie has unveiled footage from the Sydney Mardi Gras in March, where Kylie performed a major set for the LGBT community down under filled with gigantic metallic flowery headdresses, ferocious handography, glitter, confetti, stilettos, feathers, flashing lights, sparkles and shirtless muscle men in graciously tight pants. (The usual affair, obviously.)

One would assume we’d only be getting a tidy recap of the performance–but no! It’s a full 22-minute edited clip of Kylie’s performance back home in Australia! As one might say…WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!

Watch Queen KM’s truly electric performance below, which is essentially one non-stop raving megamix of “Aphrodite,” “Wow,” “In Your Eyes,” “Love At First Sight,” “I Believe In You,” “Better The Devil You Know,” “Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)” and “All The Lovers.” (Amazing work, Mr. Steve Anderson!)

Viva la Kylie!