Kaskade‘s always been one of my favorite DJs.

Although the EDM scene’s rapidly grown tedious thanks to a slew of big room House DJ’s taking over the scene with formulaic beat builds and drops, Kaskade’s always maintained a dreamy, emotional touch that keeps him a cut above the rest. (Want a proper introduction? Try 2008’s Strobelite Seduction, one of my favorite dance records ever. “Move For Me” alone!)

As a result, it’s only too too perfect that the DJ decided to wrap his capable hands around Tropico Queen Lana Del Rey‘s gorgeous Gatsby anthem, “Young & Beautiful.”

Too often, Lana remixes suck all the emotion out of her voice. If anyone could bring Lana’s vulnerable crooning to the dance floor and retain that nostalgic touch, it’s Kaskade. And of course, he did.

The remix of “Young & Beautiful” blends the song’s beautiful stringwork with blistering House synths. As the beats build maddeningly in the song’s introduction, the production utterly explodes and fades into darkness, allowing Lana’s heaven-sent humming to come creeping out from the silence.

From there, it’s a constant back and forth between Lana’s electric soul and Kaskade’s own scorching breakdowns, resulting in just the right mixture of teardrops and sweat.