The video for Sky Ferreira‘s buzz track “Red Lips,” directed by Terry Richardson, has arrived.

Here now are a few things I’ve gathered after watching “Red Lips”:

• Sky Ferreira doesn’t have fucks to give about a giant spider crawling over her face.
Or her body.
• Or her lady bits. I mean. I’ve heard of crabs, but…
• Judging by her questionable behavior, licking a tarantula may or may not cause the same side-effects as ingesting bath salts.
• No one’s ever shown Sky Ferreira how to apply lipstick properly before. This situation could have been easily remedied by a one-time visit to Legendtina‘s “Get The Look” section on her official website.
• This video is already better than The Amazing Spider-Man.
• Sky Ferreira is a gorgeous, flaw-free tarantula-whisperer goddess.

In conclusion:

• Sky Ferreira is cooler than you.
• Sky Ferreira is cooler than me.
• Sky Ferreira is cooler than anything you and I could ever be.
• Who run the world? Sky.

Despite the fact that I have a fairly debilitating case of arachnophobia, I still love this video-it’s very Fiona Apple “Criminal.”

By the way, that whole lipstick bit is an homage to a scene in David Lynch‘s Wild At Heart (which, if you’re paying attention, is also the working title for her upcoming debut.)

Oh, and the song in full is pure gritty Garbage ’90’s alt-rock goodness–clearly a Shirley Manson co-written track. That crashing bridge particularly, in all of its spacey blips, banging drums and piano glory, is massive. But it’s Sky’s fuck-off attitude that lands the hardest blow: “Your number’s up if you like it or not…take a walk.”

As with most things in life, my feelings about this video (and everything else involving Sky Ferreira) can be best summarized with a single GIF.

Love you, Sky.