In an interview with the Los Angeles Times just 24 hours before accepting the Golden Globe for Best Original Score for W.E.‘s “Masterpiece,” Madonna gave writer Rebecca Keegan a few new details regarding her upcoming twelfth studio album, MDNA.

For one, she confirmed a new track on the record: “Beautiful Killer,” an ode to french actor Alain Delon. “I’ve seen every movie Alain Delon’s ever made…he’s so charismatic,” she told the newspaper.

Madonna also spoke a little bit more about the sound of the record, explaining how the sound differs between producers:

“I feel like all the records on the radio right now have a homogenized quality to them,” she said in The Times interview. “I’ve made a huge effort to try and not sound like everybody else. The music that I’ve done with William is quite introspective, whereas Martin’s is more ironic and funny and upbeat. There’s a really up aspect to it and a really fun aspect to it.”

Thus the light and the dark motif she’s been talking about: There will be heavier moments like Orbit‘s “Masterpiece” and lighter moments like Solveig‘s “Gimme All Your Luvin’.”

For more, make sure to read the full article. The Superbowl is on February 5.