Tell me: Who doesn’t go hard for “Mr. Saxobeat” songstress, Alexandra Stan?

After dominating charts worldwide with her 2011 Euro-club anthem, the Romanian Goddess of Pop (who kind of looks like Cher Lloyd if you tilt your head and squint a bit) is back to quench our thirst with a brand new (saxo)beat: “Lemonade.”

Stan’s soon-to-be summer smash was crafted by the same winning “Mr. Saxobeat” production team, MAAN Studio (the RedOnes of Romania, if you will). Luckily, she’s managed to steer clear of following the formula of her worldwide hit too closely (no saxophones!), opting instead to squeeze in a healthy serving of Ace of Base-esque reggae-pop. And accordians!

“I was so wrong, and now I really wanna make you come along/I just want you to see, you’re the only one for me,” Stan laments above the cool, summer-ready rhythms.

With its completely nonsense lyrics (“Sunny, happy rhythm music, no money”!), feel-good grooves and an entirely unexpected-yet-expected, stuttering dubstep breakdown (that “Hold It Against Me” reign just won’t let up!), Miss Stan’s delicious “Lemonade” is destined to hit the spot this summer.

It’s time to take a sip of what Miss Stan is serving. Bottoms up!

“Lemonade” was released on June 4. (iTunes)