Miley’s Coming Back With A New Album Before Her Wedding, Y’all!

Miley Cyrus: Newly engaged woman, Champion of The Gays, and now…soon-to-be fourth studio album haver.

According to an exclusive from E! Online, before she decides to tame herself and tie the knot with Gale Liam Hemsworth, Mileybird is planning to release a brand new album, which “an insider” (CREDIBILITY ALARM!) calls “very adult and sexy and believable.”

ADULT! SEXY! BELIEVABLE! These are all descriptors that I love to hear!

From E! Online:

The insider adds that the album will “one hundred percent” come out before she and Liam Hemsworth say “I do.” But Cyrus certainly isn’t forsaking her hot Aussie beau. In fact, the former Disney star is “on her way” to New Orleans to reunite with Hemsworth later this week, a source says.

Hemsworth, 22, is in the Big Easy working on the set of Empire State. Cyrus, 19, is planning to spend the week “enjoying her man,” according to sources. We have a feeling, though, that she won’t be relaxing with Hemsworth for too long. An insider says Cyrus is “having fun making music” for “the first time in her career.”

“We are watching a young girl turn into a young woman,” adds the source. Cyrus is working with various record producers, including Pharrell Williams in Miami and L.A.-based Hit-Boy, who has produced for the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z and Eminem.

I’m only too pumped to hear Miley’s new sound, which is being referred to by her new manager as “Miley 2.0”–chills!

After all, Can’t Be Tamed is a truly, madly, deeply under-appreciated record: “Who Owns My Heart”? “Liberty Walk”? “Robot”? “Permanent December”?! These are certified bangers, y’all–and now that Miley’s feeling freer, friskier and more lovey-dovey than ever, I can only imagine that she’s preparing to unleash something truly stellar (or at the very least, pretty cool.)

Pharrell and Hit-Boy on board? The fact that she’s “having fun” widdit? I mean…this could be her very own In The Zone.

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