While you were busy doing red, white and blue Jello shots with your great aunt Petunia last night, Rock Mafia–the L.A.-based pop production troupe known individually as Tim James, Antonina Armato and Paul Palmer–celebrated their Independence Day by dropping their first-ever mixtape: Mixtape, Vol. 1, an uninhibited 12-track collection of storming pop-rock anthems devoted to smoking blunts, smashing bitches and partying har-har-hard ’til death.

(Considering that this is the same writing troupe responsible for Selena Gomez‘s “Love You Like A Love Song” and Aly & AJ‘s “Potential Breakup Song,” the compilation comes across as a bit, um…intense. Squeaky clean tween-pop enthusiasts–consider yourself warned!)

Included in the bunch is a track called “Morning Sun,” featuring backing vocals by frequent Rock Mafia collaborator, the one and only Miss Miley Cyrus-soon-to-be-Hemsworth.

The track–while technically new–is actually kind of old: Over two years ago, a demo version of the track hit the web. Later, a video surfaced featuring Miley in the studio recording her bit on the song. Now, at long last, the final version of “Morning Sun” has arrived.

Riding top of a sample of Tiësto & Diplo‘s collaboration anthem “C’mon” (both of whom Miss Miley shouts out on the track at one point), The Artist Formerly Known as Hannah Montana gets into a club state of mind on the throbbing, arena-sized banga: “Boo, I do/I wanna be with you/’Til the morning sun,” she sweetly chirps on repeat. There’s also ample talk of “pimps and hos.” It’s the emancipation of Milerz, y’all!

It’s slightly insane, sort of annoying and likely ten times better while under the influence, but “Morning Sun” is just enough of a frothy club-pop treat to tide us over until the “See You Again” chanteuse unleashes her highly-anticipated fourth studio effort.

Grab Mixtape, Vol. 1 for free from Rock Mafia’s website.