Question: Has Charli XCX ever released anything that has contained flaw?

Answer: No, actually. She has quite literally never.

Case in point: The brand new video for “You’re The One,” which sees the LDN-bred goth-pop princess twirling and thrashing about in a dark abandoned garage surrounded by laser-headed demon children–all while rocking ripped leggings, frilly dresses and platform Buffalo boots. Why? Because obviously, that’s why.

UGH, she’s so cool! And I know that calling her “cool” is sort of, like, the most un-cool way to describe anyone unless you’re Godney–but she is! She’s just really so fucking cool!

If you’ve not yet incorporated the You’re The One EP, as well as the Heartbreaks & Earthquakes mixtape (review!) into your daily playlists, then I’m sorry for your whole entire life, because you’re truly missing out.

And while we’re at it, you’re going to need to pick up the new Youthquake issue of V Magazine, featuring Miss Charli (and Sky Ferreira! and Grimes!) on the cover. Know who interviews her? Geri Halliwell. Yeah, um. I know. Run and get it now.

The You’re The One EP was released on June 12. (iTunes)