Remember the feelings of yesterday? I can see them floating away.

Mutya Keisha Siobhan, the girls–well, women–formerly known as the Sugababes, have formally launched today with a new website, Facebook and Twitter account, @MKSOfficial. And despite a lil’ bit of eh regarding the, uh, not-so-inventive name revelation yesterday morning, I’m completely pumped again.

First of all: The photos! So gorgeous! Above is just one of the promotional photos shot by Paul Scala, photo booth style. How beautiful do all of them look, seriously? They’ve grown into such stunning women!

MKS also conducted an interview with PopJustice regarding their grand reunion, which they’ve teased a little bit of earlier today. At one point, Mutya notes that she was watching an old YouTube video of the band doing an interview, in which Keisha (eerily!) foreshadows their renaming.

“They ask you why we came up with the name Sugababes. And you go: ‘Well we had to have a band name because we couldn’t have people just calling us Mutya, Keisha, Siobhan.'”

Thoroughly incredible.

Two new song names were revealed in the interview as well–“Too In Love” and “Love Me Hard.” I’ve heard another amazing track (BRAG BRAG BRAG, etc.), but I can’t reveal that one today. So, yes: It’s all officially happening, and that’s unbelievably thrilling.

Between the promise of solid tunes by way of brilliant acts like Emeli Sande and MNEK and the girls’ overwhelming enthusiasm about working together again (Suga sistas for life!), this may very well be the greatest split-turned-comeback in pop history.

We’re all rooting for you, Mutya Keisha Siobhan!