Kylie Minogue Gloria Gaynor Can't Stop Writing Songs About You

Kylie Minogue & Gloria Gayner Gave Us a “Can’t Stop Writing Songs About You” Video

Two disco legends. One good time.

What, you thought the Disco era was over already?

I don’t think Kylie™, the Most Generous Pop Star in the World™, would be Giving You Up so quickly – even if we are coming up on nearly the two year anniversary of her unintentionally timely, socially distanced love letter “Say Something.”

Our Mighty Aphrodite has come yet again on Thursday (March 31) to Disco Down with a true legend of the genre, the fabulous Gloria Gaynor, in the form of a music video for their Disco: Guest List Edition collaboration, “Can’t Stop Writing Songs About You.”

The kaleidoscopic, strobe-heavy clip mostly finds our fierce Fever phenom looking sensational as ever (and serving a little Debbie Harry), delivering her best karaoke down the shimmering, glittery catwalk in a sheer number and having some fun with the LGBTs in attendance, with the “I Will Survive” legend beaming in via green screen like the Almighty Disco Commander that she is.

Later on, Kylie gives us a little RuPaul-style leg work and soft choreo, and even gets her Picasso on, painting the partygoers’ apparel and tying them up in ribbons – a nod to Rachel Stevens“Sweet Dreams My LA Ex” video, no doubt.

Is it a visual revelation? Well, not entirely. But frankly, it’s just fun seeing Kylie in her usual gorgeous, sparkly, joyous mode, and it’s always lovely to see our pop icons pay tribute to those who have paved the way.

We are so lucky (lucky, lucky, lucky…) to have Kylie (and Gloria!) – a gift that keeps on giving more, more, more.

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