Alright, lovers: It’s time to make a move.

As you all should know, Queen Kylie managed to hit #1 on the US Billboard club charts with every single off of Aphrodite, including “All The Lovers,” “Get Outta My Way,” “Better Than Today” and “Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love).”

The time is now to keep the momentum going with her glorious K25 summer smash, “Timebomb.”

Today, the pop icon has just released a full “Timebomb” remix EP, featuring mixes by Paul Rauhofer, DADA, Style of Eye, Italia3 (also this one!) and Redant & Romano. (I genuinely don’t have a particular favorite, though I’ve been hitting repeat on Rauhofer, DADA, Style of Eye and Redant & Romano.)

Our princess is already resting comfortably at #3 on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart–but that isn’t nearly enough. I mean, this isn’t some dime-a-dozen dance floor diva we’re talking about–it’s Kylie Fucking Minogue. So do your part: Go down to the local discotheque, make out with the DJ, plug in your iPod when he’s not looking, and make this record spin. DO IT, C’MON.

Go on and dive into the EP now and dance like it was the last dance of your life. Your disco needs you!

PS: KM was kind enough to upload all of the remixes onto her YouTube. Listen now!

Timebomb – The Remixes was released on July 17. (iTunes)