In the mood for something positively dreamy? You’re in luck.

Two years since their last single, indie dream-pop troupe and Pitchfork darlings The XX have just dropped “Angels,” the gorgeous lead single from their upcoming record. And despite the fact that Jamie XX promised that Coexist–the follow-up to 2009’s brilliant xx–would be inspired by club music, “Angels” is just as lush and intimate as the bulk of their debut.

“If someone believed me, they would be as in love with you as I am,” lead songstress Romy Madley Croft quietly sings above the ambient guitar floating in the distance. About midway through, a militant snare drum suddenly rattles the production, suggesting something a little heavier than their usual fare. But it’s a fleeting moment, and before long, the spacey guitar gently creeps its way back once again.

Listen below, and prepare to be as in love with this as I am.

“And everyday I am learning about you. The things that no one else sees…”

Coexist will be released on September 11. (iTunes)