Watch Marina And The Diamonds Perform “Teen Idle” Live

Mizz Marina And The Diamonds has been busy sashaying her way across America for the past few weeks while on tour to promote her endlessly amazing sophomore studio album, Electra Heart. (I hope Hollywood hasn’t infected her brain!)

Lucky for us, the cheeky-hearted (or rather, heart-on-cheeked) chanteuse took a moment to gift us with a nice little surprise: A live performance of fan favorite “Teen Idle” at The Tabernacle in London! As you can see below, the gorgeous piano-led acoustic rendition is missing absolutely nothing. Well, apart from flaws.


She also left us a little write-up that provides some insight into the song’s inspiration, which I really love:

I originally got the idea for the song seeing a jumper at a fashion show that had huge holes on it with “TEEN IDLE” emblazoned across the front. Lyrically, it’s a strange song as it crosses polar opposite themes – innocence and darkness. I had waited a long time to write that song and it helped me acknowledge some experiences that I’d had in my teenage years. Ages 16-20 were kind of blackout years for me- Like I didn’t even live them or they didn’t belong to my life. I don’t really remember them. It’s most definitely one of my fan base’s favorite songs on Electra Heart. I’m really proud of it. The nicest thing about being an artist is realizing that a feeling or experience you had that you always thought was really obscure or embarrassing, is in fact very common, and that we all deal with pretty much the same stuff in one way or another.


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