Not to stereotype myself or anything, but I’ve never been the biggest sports fan. Please hold your gasps.

Therefore, when I heard that Kelly Clarkson was releasing a track for Pepsi, I was all like “OHMERGERD!”, and then when I heard it was a Pepsi-sponsored NFL Anthem for the Dallas Cowboys, I was like “OH! Oh? OH. Oh.

BUT, it’s Kelegendary Clarksicon. Anything that comes from her mouth is objectively flaw-free. We already know this, because it’s written somewhere in the Bible. Plus, I’ve stanned for much lamer theme songs in the past, for much more dire projects. Remember Godney‘s iconic jingle for Herbal Essences, “I’ve Got The Urge (To Herbal)”? I’ve never hair-flipped more in the shower.

“Let’s Go (A Cowboy’s Anthem)” is essentially the fun-loving companion to “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” and maybe a bit of “Alone.” If you just ignore all the cringe lyrics about lone stars and Texas and all the crowd noises (close your eyes and imagine that Kelly’s in the Wild, Wild West learning to lasso or something), it’s actually an amazing anthem. The surging chorus (“We’re turning up the heat! Get up, get up!”) is bound to motivate at least a toe tap or two, and that middle eight is a massive moment of “Ooooooooo!”-ness. It’s a big, BIG track!

And now, here’s some nonsense about it!

Clarkson was an easy choice to team up with the Cowboys. After all, when you’re from Fort Worth, there’s only one team you can cheer for. So Kelly and the Cowboys got together to create a song that we can all sing along to. When Pepsi first approached Kelly about writing the song, she was so excited she wrote the lyrics that same night. From one Cowboys fan to another: GET UP!


So what are you waiting for? Get up! Get up! It’s time to toss around the pig skin and kick a foot goal, y’all!

I want to be a cowboy, bayyyyybayyyy!