Dear Muusers,

The Muuse is getting big-gah.

Starting today, you have a brand new opportunity to read my Muusings…for MTV!

Each Tuesday I’ll be counting off the top tracks of the week for MTV’s Buzzworthy Blog–a feature I used to do for MuuMuse called MuuTunes when I wasn’t as busy being SO FUCKING FAMOUS.

As a result, I’m going to do my very, very best to launch the MuuMuse brand of pop into MTV’s stratosphere: Mentions of Godney, the Almighty Aloud and the Holy Madge all in the first post? Um…DUH!

With any luck, I’ll be bringing tons of international and under-the-radar US artists under the MTV spotlight so that mainstream audiences can finally start noticing why I’m lovin’ up all over these acts for years. I hope you guys enjoy it!