Living Goddess and Higher Being Cher has been quite the busy woman lately, spending all her nights holed up in the studio recording her seventy-four thousandth record, due out sometime this year. Or next year. Or maybe never.

And while we’ve already known for well over a year that she’s done a duet with Fartpop chanteuse Lady Gaga on an upcoming track “The Greatest Thing” (working title: “The Greatest Thing (That You’ll Never Hear)”), the Moonstruck diva may have just accidentally let it spill during tonight’s unsolicited Q&A with fans that she’s got another diva clawing her way onto the tracklisting of her new album: Former co-worker Legendtina Aguilegend.

Her tweets from tonight–which I believe are in English–are below:

Ummm!!RT @AdrianPulido @cher I met you in Madrid with Xtina, why dont you work together in a song again?

UMMM !!!! RT @Classified1A what was ummmm? Is this mystery gurl on ur new album Christina? U don’t have to say, but can u hint?? TELL lol Xx

Not say YES not say NO? Say HOPE ! Luv her!RT @poserdecher holy shit cher U WILL SING WITH XTINA! WOMAN U CAN’T KEEP SECRETS!!! LOL LOVE YA

So Right! Hope i didnt fk it up! Xtina’s cool! What will b will B! RT @timxyz ! record gonna have ur head (Ass) over that Xtina tweet!

Sitting here learning song 4 tomm Nite,Thinking Cher u Silly Bitch(usually reserved 4 Kathleen)I got So excited bout Xtina,but its not set

It’s hard to say exactly what Cher means here, as MuuMuse insiders tell me that the icon’s tweets are actually first scribed by Japanese superstar Utada Hikaru, who translates them into Spanish and emails them to Sofia Vergara, who translates them into Morse code and sends them to the Mars Rover Curiosity, which beams them down to Jamaican songstress Tami Chynn, who texts them blindfolded to Cher, who then tweets them directly on her iPhone using only her tongue while riding a tricycle through her chateau in the nude.

But it could mean that she’s headed into the studio with the “Not Myself Tonight” superstar! That, or she’s having Burlesque-themed night terrors again–a fate with which I’m only too familiar.