Life’s all about love and glamour…AND LEGENDTINA‘S SOON-TO-BE ICONIC NEW ALBUM.

While preparing to unleash her major comeback single “Your Body,” Queen Legendtina arrived on set today to shoot the album cover for her upcoming record, which insiders reveal Excluusively to MuuMuse will be titled Mariah Carey is Irrelevant.

The “Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tú)” songstress tweeted:

Album cover photoshoot day! Music video shoots soon. Getting closer. Thrilled to be back in my “artist mode”. Kisses!

“Fashion is a lifestyle,” Legendtina reportedly cackled while hastily clawing through the collection of looks on loan from Filene’s Basement in Decatur, Georgia. As we can see from her Instagram above, there were plenty of options on hand: A purple fedora, a tiger-print sun dress–and, one can assume, at least one crown. But what will she choose?

According to MuuMuse’s insiders present on the set (which was graciously catered by Taco Bell), Legendtina demanded that “all fat and ugly people” be removed from the set before shooting.

The legend then worked through a variety of poses–from desnudate-ing on a giant-sized tube of lipstick while wearing a Burlesque promotional tee, to defecating on top of a copy of Born This Way while flashing a knowing wink and a thumbs-up to the camera, which has been described as “poignant.”

Live it, breathe it, love it.