Like a Legendtina career retrospective, Agnes only keeps getting better. And just like Our Lady of Woohoo, all she wants is…to fuck your body you.

Ahead of the release of her fourth studio album Veritas next week, the Swede-pop goddess has just premiered the stunning second single from the campaign: “All I Want Is You.” The track was produced by Jonas Quant, who also produced her previous single “One Last Time,” and features a loving co-writing credit by her boyfriend, Swedish songwriter Vincent Pontare.

“All I Want Is You” is good. Actually, it’s amazing. Like, on another level.

Filled with stabbing strings and brooding electronica, the track is even more dramatic than past dance-pop offerings in her discography. “I saw it coming miles away, stormy weather/Heard them say turn around, you’re playing with fire,” Agnes cries.

And then, there’s that chorus: “All I want is you-u-u-u!” Agnes gorgeously flutters on repeat, a catastrophically catchy, whimsical (almost French-sounding?) hook that, after only one play, is all but destined to stay twirling ’round your head for days–likely even weeks from now.

I couldn’t possibly think of a more apt title for her upcoming record, because Agnes is simply the truth.

“All I Want Is You” will be released on August 31.