TOKYO, JAPAN (LEGENDTINA NEWS NETWORK) – In a move that is now being breathlessly described by critics as “more culturally relevant and important than Beyoncé‘s surprise album,” part-time Malaysian entertainer, full-time Burlesque screen icon Legendtina Maria Nina Desnudate Goduilera has made a surprise animated cameo in Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life.

After suffering through a rambling introduction, Unbreakable Flowers and Bobbleheads alike will be overjoyed to discover the surprise appearance around the 55-second mark of the brand new advertisement.




“Surprise!” an animated Legendtina declares to fans in the mini-advert, her GRAMMY Award-winning multi-octave voice translated into stunning digital sound.


From there, we’re treated to an incredible montage of Legendtina’s daily activities within the game — resting at a fountain to admire her reflejo, blowing bubbles in a park to commemorate seminal classic “Car Wash,” and teaching lesser-basics how to do the proper choreography for Top 40 smash “Your Body” while Lotus flowers dance in the sky.


“Baby Max is a huge fan of Totoro Life,” a pregnant Legendtina confessed in a brief Excluusive phone interview with the LNN.

“As you know, I’m back to basics — and by that, I mean I had too much sex for breakfast, and now I’ve got a bun in the oven. HA! So, while I’ve got babies on the brain, I thought Max would appreciate if Mommy was right there with him singing and dancing while he’s playing on his little Playstation, or whatever it’s called. It’s a little more advanced than your average video game — something only true lovers of video games will appreciate.“

A Nintendo spokesman was equally surprised by the animated cameo by the Bionic beauty: “Yeah, uh, we had no idea it was happening either,” he revealed. “From what my guys are telling me, she apparently had her own programmers hack into the game a few hours before it was set to go to market. We tried to stop her, but…” he declined to comment further before bursting into tears.

LNN analysts now project that Tomodachi Life‘s first week sales alone will easily outsell Britney‘s Twister Dance and Britney’s Dance Beat, Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP app, Nicole Scherzinger‘s banned zombie series Killer Love and Adele‘s under-the-radar MMORPG, Rolling In The Deep: Blood Sport.

I think you already know my game…SAY!

GIFs via Legendtina’s personal GIF assistant, T. Kyle.