The 8 Most Insane Quotes from Christina Aguilera’s Billboard Cover Story

Every now and then (much more often now than then, really), there comes a time when Christina Aguilera, the actual human being, reaffirms the very existence of “Legendtina,” the persona I’ve crafted on MuuMuse.

Earlier today, Billboard published their cover story regarding Aguilera’s upcoming album, Lotus, along with an extended Q&A. The latter half of the story–the most incredible parade of endless shade, self-praise and delusion that the pages of Billboard have surely seen in years–is yet another one of those reaffirming moments.

I truly wish it was I who wrote these quotes, but nay: They’re all very real, very legendary, and very much from Christina Aguilera herself. There are truly no words to express these kinds of emotions–only GIFs.

Enjoy, and let us not forget…who owns the throne. (Does anyone else hear a cackling in the distance?)

8.) Regarding her new song, “Army Of Me,” which is described as “Fighter 2.0″…

There is a new generation of fans from a younger demographic that might not have been with me all the way but that watch me on the show now. I feel like every generation should be able to enjoy and have their piece of ‘Fighter’ within.

7.) On having a younger team on The Voice…

That’s inspiring, because they come up to you and they’re such big fans, and they share with you what song touched them the most and how they had to learn every single ad lib and dissect it.

6.) On her new song, “Sing For Me”…

[It’s] a special song. It’s one of those singer’s songs where if you’re not a vocalist, you can’t mess with that song.

5.) On Max Martin, who already knew her name…

Max is legendary in the business. He’s known about me but we haven’t crossed paths.

4.) On Max Martin’s ‘other’ endeavors…

I think when I came in you heard his name with Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, Britney Spears — those records were the kind I wanted to stray apart from.

3.) On her tireless commitment to her fans…

My fans do deserve to see me back out on the road.

2.) On the X Factor…

[Laughs] I have no time to even watch my own show. So there’s your answer.

1.) And last, but certainly not least, a reflection on Bionic…

I can proudly say it was ahead of its time, to be honest. It wasn’t so commercialized. You had to really be a music lover, be a true fan of music and the love of being open to really appreciate that record. It’s just a special piece in my body of work that will forever live on. The older the record gets the more people will come to appreciate it actually and check it out.

GIFs from Tumblr trolling and RealityTVGIFs.

Legendtina Reveals Her ‘Lotus’ to Lessers at Billboard Magazine

Legendtina Reveals Her ‘Lotus’ to Lessers at Billboard Magazine


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