Premiere: Tommy – “Why Did I Say Goodbye? (feat. Sally Shapiro)”


Mystery loves company.

If you’re not already formally acquainted, Swedish duo Sally Shapiro (otherwise known as the collaboration between vocalist Sally and her production partner Johan Agebjörn) is responsible for supplying us with album after album of dreamy disco lushness; a brilliant blend of gentle synthesized pulsations and Sally’s featherlight vocals.

But they’re also notoriously shy, only occasionally appearing in promotional photos and outright refusing to go out on tour — not that it’s stopped them from making friends in new places.

Enter Tommy, a French electronica artist. The duo discovered Tommy last year after coming across his unofficial remix of Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky.” Impressed by his skillz, they asked him to put his own spin their track, “Lives Together.”

In return, Tommy sent over an original track, and the two got to work crafting their first original collaboration: “Why Did I Say Goodbye?”

In true Sally Shapiro form, Tommy is just as elusive: “He’s a bit mysterious to us, we don’t know what he looks like, even on his private Facebook page he only has images of cats,” Johan explained. (Someone call Nev from Catfish!)

“Why Did I Say Goodbye?”, which was written and produced by Johan and Tommy and performed by Sally, will be included on Tommy’s upcoming album Frequency Modulations, out in March on Girlfriend Records.

The 6-minute dance floor stormer is a bit more punchy than Sally Shapiro’s usual daydream-like affair, propelled by infectious ’80’s synthesizers and a solid four-to-the-floor pulse. “I did something wrong and now I’m wondering why/Why did I let go, why did I say goodbye?” Sally sadly coos above the shimmering, swirling chorus.

As everyone knows, no one does sad disco better than a Swedish chanteuse. This song is certainly no exception.

For more on Tommy, check out his official website. For more on Sally Shapiro, check their Facebook.

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