Daily B: Britney Teases the Idea of ‘Blackout 2.0,’ We Remain Unworthy

At a time when pop is being battered from an overwhelming surplus of reducto-pop and no1curr harder than Hurricane Sandy across the East Coast (TIMELY REFERENCE), The Holy Spearit has mercifully provided us all with a glimmer of hope in the form of a flickering vanilla Spearit candle late on Friday night.

On the eve of Blackout‘s 5th year anniversary–one of the greatest records of the 21st century, try and fight me about it–Godney took to Twitter to acknowledge the dozens of faithful Spearleaders singing praises and reading passages from one of the most incredible chapters within the Book of Godney.


This is a huge, massive moment for Britney devotees: Britney never speaks about Blackout. Ever. Like, one time back in 2008, she noted that the album had a dark vibe, because she was “going through a dark period.” That’s about it.

Now–knowing that she’s already sitting casually in a studio with Darkchild (nothing to see here!), knowing that “Gimme More” titan Danja‘s already gearing up to hit us one more time, it seems all but destined Our Lordney and Savior is now chewing away at her gum, sunglasses on, somewhere inside a recording studio preparing something “urban,” “cool” and dare I say, perhaps even “fun.”

It means there will be even more derrieres in the magazine. New Britney is on yet another mission. We’ll have to get back even farther. Put on extra layers, because we’re about to get even more naked. Get out your ice picks, because we’re breaking even more ice. Yes, she still wants moah…and none of us are even slightly prepared.

(And, if I had to guess, “Radar” will be a bonus track.)


Daily B: Blackout, Five Years Later

Daily B: Blackout, Five Years Later

Blackout was, and likely will always be, Britney‘s most thought-provoking

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