Well, I’ve survived Hurricane Sandy unscathed–and mercifully, without ever losing Internet or electricity.

The situation is still pretty dire downtown: Cars are literally floating away, trees are upturned, and the subway lines are flooded and out of service for an unforeseeable amount of time. But most importantly, my friends and loved ones are all accounted for, safe and sound…and my Britney singles collection box remains dry.

Natural disasters aside for the moment, the pop world keeps turning, and with it, we keep getting new tunes and videos to distract us from the fact that the world briefly ended yesterday.

Today, our favorite indie-pop songstress Sky Ferreira has released the video for “Sad Dream,” one of the tracks from her gorgeous new EP, Ghost.

Although some might have assumed “Sad Dream” is simply a sad love song, the accompanying video sheds new light on the track’s meaning and suggests that the hurt dives down much deeper into the 20-year-old singer’s past–right down to her own bloodline. (“Thought about you all day, how we have the same face…”)

The video, which was shot by “Everything is Embarrassing” director Grant Singer, follows Sky and a mystery older male–I’d venture a guess to say that’s a father figure–and their rocky relationship, which seems to hang by a thread as they hit the dusty trail together. Shooting guns, gas station abandonment, stealing from convenience stores…this isn’t your typical father-daughter adventure time.

The video is gorgeously shot and beautifully executed, and perhaps one of the best videos, if not the best video, Sky’s done yet. The final few seconds of the video alone, as the motel lights slowly fade away with each strum of the strings, are just pure genius.

Well done, Sky.

Ghost was released on October 16. (iTunes)