The Saturdays Prepare to Take On America with E! Series, ‘Chasing the Saturdays’

As we’ve known for a while now, the lovely ladies of The Saturdays have been gallivanting ’round America filming a TV series in the hopes of launching stateside like their brotherly counterparts, One Direction and The Wanted.

And now, the official details have spilled: Chasing The Saturdays will premiere on E! on January 20 at 10 PM.

From the press release:

Each 30 minute episode of Chasing The Saturdays will be filled with music, laughs, drama, glamour and fun as the five young women navigate their way through the U.S star-making machinery. From signing with renowned music label Mercury/Island Def Jam Records on their debut US album and promoting their new single ‘What About Us” – to settling into a new and vibrant city, and dealing with husbands and lovers back in the UK, The Saturdays handle it all with spirit, humour and their infectious personalities.

Music, laughs, drama, glamour and fun? You’re spoilin’ us, Sats!

While there hasn’t been any true girl group crossover success since The Spice Girls back in the late ’90’s (the Sugababes and the Almighty Aloud–despite being the highest-selling girl groups of the 21st century–haven’t so much as made a dent), there’s still a chance that with just the right blend of a solid tune, the right producers, the right headlines (REFERENCE), and a bucket load of luck, the UK girls can make their US ambitions a reality.

Frankly (not to be confused with Frankie, REFERENCE), we need this to happen. It’s for the good of the pop world.

You can do it, Sats!

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