What a difference a few years make.

Ever since the dissolution of the Pussycat Dolls in 2009 (RIP), the girls have all gone on to embark on their own individual musical endeavors: Jessica Sutta found massive success last year with her #1 Billboard dance hit “Show Me,” Melody Thornton released a bold, blogosphere-approved mixtape called P.O.Y.B.L, Kimberly Wyatt found her niche within experimental dance-pop as part of the duo Her Majesty & The Wolves, and frontwoman Nicole Scherzinger terrorized a child on national television, became a spokeswoman for press-on nails and recorded two entire albums that were never released in America.

Now, it’s time for the final member to finally get her shine: Ashley Roberts.

Earlier this week, Roberts released her dreamy cover of PCD choreographer-turned-pop star Bobby Newberry‘s “All In A Day,” produced by The Invaders.

The slinky groove glides across an endlessly looped vocal sample (“ma-ma-makes”) and a slow strutting R&B beat: “I’m so sick and tired of singing the same song,” Roberts groans. It’s not radio-friendly, but it is an intriguing launching pad: The moan-filled track vaguely recalls downtempo, contemplative Britney (“Blur”) and a little bit of The Weeknd‘s spook-hop–certainly much more edgy than the power pop of PCD.

It’s hard to guess where Roberts will be heading next, but it’s great to hear her finally stepping out and into her own.