Ever since I watched Dawn Richard tear down the house at SOB’s last Thursday, I haven’t stopped re-listening to her incredible Armor On EP from earlier this year. Like, obsessed.

Riding off the high of her GoldenHeart pre-release party, the former Danity Kane songstress has just released a brand new track for her fans (official stanbase name: the Hearts), called “On A String.”

Produced by constant collaborator Druski, the gorgeous ballad finds Dawn crooning her way across a chilly piano-led melody: “I won’t live on your string,” she achingly croons throughout. The heartbreaking track takes on new dimension by the end, as a lightly treading R&B beat fills out the otherwise minimal track. It’s great.

Along with the new track, Dawn’s just announced that she’s releasing an upcoming Christmas EP, due out in the first week of December. But don’t expect hokey reinterpretations of classic carols from Ms. Richard: “It’ll be Christmas records, but don’t expect ‘Chestnuts On An Open Fire’. It’s not a traditional Christmas album at all.”

I probably wouldn’t expect anything too merry.

“’86” was released on September 26. (iTunes)