A little over a month since releasing their latest Japanese single (“Oh! / All My Love is For You”) and exactly a year since their (still amazing) US debut single (“The Boys”), the ladies–sorry, girls of Girls’ Generation are already preparing their next release.

Yesterday, GG debuted the sparkling new video for “Flower Power,” their 3rd single from their upcoming Japanese record Girls’ Generation II ~Girls&Peace~.

In true J-Pop tradition, the sizzling electro-pop track features plenty of scorching, robo-pop synthesizers and nonsensical English terms being thrown in our faces all at once: “Scream & Shout”? “Human Nature”? What is this, A Britney/Madonna stan fest?

It might take a few plays to sink in, but there are plenty of amazing little moments once the track clicks, including the taunting verses (“Ah-ah-aaaah!”) and the chilly “cool down” middle 8 at the 2:40 mark. It’s a quick grower that’ll likely have you demanding “D’you wanna be my lover?” in your sleep no time.

Check out the video below (and don’t worry about the volume–there’s 15 seconds of silence before the music kicks in.) As per usual, the girls are looking flaw-free. Also, that human-chain choreography is reminiscent of TVXQ‘s recent clip for “Catch Me.” #LabelmateProblems!

“Flower Power” will be released on November 21. (iTunes Japan)