Come Back To Mix

Yeah, yeah…I know. Another classic case of Good Pop and Bad Fonts.

Such a pretty picture, mired by such an utterly tragic choice in font style and positioning. If I could borrow a line directly from the single in question: “I wish that I could Photoshop all our bad memories…” Le sigh.

But onto more pressing matters, the promo mixes from Utada‘s newest single “Come Back To Me” have leaked onto the net, including reworkings from Mike Rizzo, Tony Moran, Quentin Harris, and Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel.

Judging from the leak, a majority of the mixers have opted to turn down the tempo, providing an extra surge of adrenaline-inspired energy in between the original’s thumpa-thump. Rizzo provides the greatest departure from the bunch, quickening the pace of the song with the aid of skittish, “Flashing Lights”-like sprays of cooler synth echoes.

This is probably our greatest chance to thrust Hikki back under the spotlight here in the States: Both “Devil Inside” and “Exodus ’04” enjoyed a brief period of success aboard the Hot Billboard Club Play (#1 and #24, respectively).

So let’s get these tracks burning up the dancefloors and radio stations, okay? Request away!

DL: Utada – Come Back To Me (Tony Moran Radio Edit) (Sharebee)
DL: Utada – Come Back To Me (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit) (Sharebee)

Click here to purchase “Come Back To Me,” which will be released on Tuesday!

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